Thank you for visiting. My name is Gerald Holland and I am the Two Wheeled Time Traveller (two L’s because the L represents your legs by which you pedal your bike). I am a historian of the American Revolution and the American Civil War and presently pursuing my PhD in History through Liberty University. In April 2022 I retired from the United States Coast Guard after 20yrs of active duty service.

The Two Wheeled Time Travellers history bike tours is a concept I came up with when trying to think of a way to present history through three things I enjoy: camping, cycling, and history. The idea incorporates bikepacking while cycling along military campaign routes from the American Revolution and the American Civil War. Tours can be as short as a weekend or as long as a month (eventually).

So why this way of doing history??? Well, as we follow military campaigns on the same roads the troops marched on (as closely as possible) we follow in their footsteps and attempt to see the land as they saw it geographically and through the use of primary source material, maps, and stops along the way at key historic locations. Since we are incorporating bikepacking we are mimicking the soldiers who while on the march carried their own gear and as such as we travel by bike we too carry our own gear. Each night we stop and camp just as the soldiers would have done and prepare our own meals, sit around the fire talking history (or whatever else), and wake up the next day for the next leg of the tour.

While the primary focus of the tours is military history, there will also be a focus on other topics such as contraband slaves arriving at Fortress Monroe and family history (my family goes back to the revolutionary period).

I hope you find this idea of seeing and experiencing history as exciting as I do. I also hope you will join me on the road, or in the woods, as we travel back in time on two wheels.

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